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        Gossner Swiss Slice

        Holy moley. With a recipe birthed in Switzerland itself and passed through generations, our Swiss is the ultimate in classic and true mild sweetness and nutty flavor. Aged to perfection through decades of refined craftsmanship, Gossner's world-class Swiss, pre-sliced for your convenience, is worthy of every holy bite.

        Colby Jack Sliced

        The marriage of the century comes alive with the colorful, eye-popping union of Colby and Monterey Jack cheese. Mellow enough to unite all cheese lovers, Colby Jack brings the "wow" thanks to its marbling, perfect slices and a mission to show two cheeses are better than one.

        Provolone Slice

        Smooth and ready for sandwiching, our provolone cheese stands ready to enhance any cold cut combo. Originated in Italy, Gossner's savory Provolone is pre-sliced and ready to make your sandwich sing.

        Hot Pepper Slice

        Smooth and mild Monterey Jack surrounds bright pops of fiery fun in our pre-sliced Hot Pepper cheese. Perfect for kicking off any shindig when you (or your guests) want to take your palate on a spicy adventure. Made from locally sourced, farm fresh milk, the Hot Pepper slice is ready to cut a rug and get your party started.

        Monterey Jack Slice

        Easy, breezy and oh-so-creamy, Monterey Jack is the cheese that's made to melt. Whether in quesos, a melt or anything else that needs a hearty dose of silky yumminess, our slices make making, well... Jack simple.

        High Mountain Swiss Slice

        High Mountain Swiss luxuriates in the same legendary flavor as our traditional Swiss, but as rugged as the mountains it comes from, may not look or weigh as elegantly as its valley cousin. Our High Mountain Swiss is the perfect intersection of taste and budget-friendly. 

        Mild Cheddar Slice

        From humble beginnings in the village of Cheddar, England to the grand Poobah of go-to cheese for any occasion, Cheddar has been centuries in the making. And we've refined and perfected the craft of making the world's best here at Gossner's. Aged a minimum of 60 days, our mild, medium and sharp cheddar has an unparalleled texture and meltability-- all...

        Muenster Slice

        With mild flavor and an orange rind that's a beauty to behold, sliced Muenster is the perfect pairing for a sandwich sure to wow. Its soft body and buttery top notes make it a must-have for melts and cooking that begs for amazing texture and smoothness.